Metal machining and all kinds of CNC machining

Are you seeking a provider for the performance of metal machining? At CJ Stainless Solution A/S, we are specialised in all types of machining – of metal, plastic and steel, comprising CNC machining. We primarily work for industrial and manufacturing businesses as well as other trades. We have customers in all of Denmark, e.g. in Kalundborg, Stenlille and Copenhagen, as well as abroad. Regardless from where you operate, we will definitely be in a position to provide metal machining assistance.

Considerable expertise within product development and metal machining

Though being stainless steel experts, we also perform other types of sheet metal processing.

We are particularly specialised within sparring and product development with respect to the manufacturing of workpieces, machine parts, machinery and factory facilities which we supply in Denmark and abroad.


We e.g. carry out

  • ​CNC bending
  • ​CNC lathing
  • ​CNC milling
  • ​CNC machining
  • ​Sheet metal processing
  • ​Metal machining, and
  • ​Welding work
  • ​Laser cutting
  • ​Orbital welding

We have many years' experience and command comprehensive knowhow within several trades. This could e.g. be within:

  • ​Offshore
  • ​Biotechnology
  • ​Plants for the chemical industry
  • ​The pharmaceuticals industry
  • ​The food industry
  • ​Other industries

In general, manufacturing and installation are carried at our own workshop. However, we also collaborate with e​xternal specialists, such as e.g. certified electricians, insulation installers and engineers.

We have built up considerable experience within collaboration with other professions and experts. This applies to the entire process from product development to the manufacturing of the required workpieces, parts, machines and plants. At the same time, we prioritise that planning as well as manufacturing take place in close collaboration with the customer.

In a word, we never compromise on quality or our professional level, just as we always comply with customer specifications and desires. Thus, you can be assured of optimal results, e.g. within metal machining.

Get an offer of metal, plastic or steel machining

We are always prepared to have a chat about our prices and about what we can offer within for instance the machining of metal – comprising everything from product development to manufacturing. We shall always be happy to prepare a non-binding offer, and to give you a good price. In addition, we are always prepared to answer any question you might have.

If you wish to know more, you are welcome to contact one of our units.


Phone: +45 59 56 18 00


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