Business areas

CJ Stainless Solution A/S offers our customers manufacturing of workpieces, machinery, parts for or complete factory facilities in stainless steel as well as service projects across the globe for which we represent the company's man during the construction of the factory or production facility. We ensure compliance with the customer's requirements and specifications pursuant to such contractual agreements as may have been concluded.

We are renowned for our capability to plan and complete the production of workpieces in close collaboration with our customers. Just as we know how to comply with our customers' specifications and requirements in order that the customer will experience the most optimal success obtainable.​

We have many years' experience within close collaboration with other professional groups and areas of expertise. You will thus be assured of achieving the most optimal result when collaborating with us.

Special stainless-steel industrial projects

Industrial and pipe-fitting installations in Denmark and abroad

The maintenance of plants in Denmark and abroad

TIG and MIG Certification welding

Endoscopy equipment for self-checking

Orbital welding

Sheet metal processing, CNC bending and rolling

Screw conveyors and belt conveyors in stainless steel

Manufacturing of industrial processing facilities (units)

Lathing and milling

The construction of even very large objects

Stainless steel tanks and containers

On-site monitoring / supervision


Welding certification

Taking our point of departure in our customers' quality requirements, we see to it that, on an ongoing basis, all our welders acquire the necessary welding certifications and, further, that records pertaining to such certificates will continuously be kept in order that these will always be valid in respect of the given project.

To you, our customer, this means that the performance of your projects will at all times be structured and uniform.

Materials certification

CJ Stainless Solution A/S solely purchases stainless steel with appertaining certification that will document the material's properties, time of manufacture and alloying composition


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